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Simon Norfolk


PhotoUtopia Intro: Simon Norfolk (born 1963 Lagos, Nigeria) is an English educated photographer. Although self proclaimed as a Landscape photographer, his work is better described by the mantel 'Aftermath' photography; his work includes the depictions of landscapes in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Israel, Beirut and Auschwitz.

After completing studies at Oxford, Bristol and Newport, Simon Norfolk career has focused on the landscapes of war torn countries. His work show what is left behind in the 'aftermath' of genocide or war. Without the subjectiveness of most photojournalism, these landscapes allow the viewer to draw their own conclusion on the effects of war.

His “chronotopes”, are a forensic investigation into the landscapes of ruins, military detritus and mass graves.

Wikipedia*Simon Norfolk - (born January 24, 1963), is a Nigerian photographer from Lagos.He is known for his architectural photography and has won a World Press Photo award,[3]Foreign Press Club of America Award, Citibank Prize, European Publishers Award for Photography and Infinity Prize from International Center of Photography.His works have been collected by Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and Tate Modern, London. His most notable works are For Most Of It I Have No Words and Bleed.

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