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Wikipedia*Mark Power (born 1959), is an English photographer, born in Harpenden, England.

He studied Fine Art at Brighton Polytechnic (1978-1981), and then traveled extensively, discovering a love for photography along the way. Upon his return, he worked as a freelance for several UK publications and charities.

Between 1992 and 1996, Power embarked on The Shipping Forecast — a project that involved travelling to and photographing all 31 areas covered by the Shipping Forecast broadcast on BBC Radio 4. This project was published as a book and was a touring exhibition across the UK and France. He used a Volkswagen campervan as his mode of transport for the project, echoing the late Tony Ray-Jones, whose work has similarities in style and meaning to Power's.

Between 1997 and 2000, he was commissioned to document the Millennium Dome in London, a project that resulted in another touring exhibition and the accompanying book, Superstructure[2]. Around this time his technical methods changed and he began to use color film and a large format camera. This was followed by The Treasury Project, published in 2002, which recorded the renovation of the UK government's treasury building on Whitehall, London.

Official Site: http://www.markpower.co.uk/
Other site: www.magnumphotos.com/markpower
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