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Wikipedia*John Rankin Waddell, working name Rankin, born 1966, in Scotland is a British portrait and fashion photographer.
Waddell was brought up in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Whilst studying accounting at Brighton Polytechnic, at the age of 21, he decided to drop out, realizing that photography was what he really wanted to do and decided transfer to study Photography at London College of Printing. During this time, Rankin met Jefferson Hack, with whom he formed a working relationship. The two decided to start a magazine together called Dazed & Confused once they had graduated.

In 1999 Hack and Rankin founded Dazed Film & TV, a production company that would produce the first mast-head television broadcast ever, the four hour special Renegade TV Gets Dazed, for Channel 4. In December 2000 Rankin launched his own quarterly fashion magazine, RANK. He also publishes Another Magazine and more recently Another Man.

Official Site: http://rankin.co.uk/
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