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Wikipedia*Joel Sternfeld, (b. June 30 1944, New York City), is a fine-art colour photographer noted for his large-format documentary pictures of the United States and helping establish colour photography as a respected artistic medium. He has many works in the permanent collections of the MOMA in New York and the Getty in Los Angeles. He has influenced a generation of color photographers, including Andreas Gursky who borrows many of Sternfeld's techniques and approaches.
American Prospects (1987) is Sternfeld's most known book and explores the irony of human-altered landscapes in the United States. To make the book, Sternfeld photographed ordinary things, including unsuccessful towns and barren-looking landscapes. Another book, On This Site: Landscape in Memoriam (1997), is about violence in America.
Sternfeld earned a BA from Dartmouth College and teaches photography at Sarah Lawrence College in New York.
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