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PhotoUtopia Intro: Eve Arnold is probably best known for her high profile sitters, with a portfolio that includes Marilyn Monroe, Malcolm X and a host of A listers and royalty, her portraits give the impression that you are being allowed to see someone anew, that you are getting a glimpse of the person behind the celebrity mask. Whether photographing the rich and famous or those at the very edges of society, there appears to be a warmth and humanity to these portrayals. For me one of the most engrossing portraits of all time is that of the bar girl, taken in a cuban brothel in 1954. It is an image which I always feel I could step into, the emotions feel so palpable and the narrative only part told, such that it draws me in every time I see it.


Eve Arnold (born April 21, 1912), is an American photojournalist. She joined Magnum Photos agency in 1951, and became a full member in 1957.

Arnold was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to immigrant Russian-Jewish parents, William (born Velvel Sklarski) and Bessie Cohen (born Bosya Laschiner). Her interest in becoming a photographer began in 1946, when she worked for a photo-finishing plant in New York City. She briefly learned photographic skills in 1948 from Harper's Bazaar art director Alexei Brodovitch at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan.

Arnold is best known for her images of actress Marilyn Monroe on the set of Monroe's last (1961) film, The Misfits, but she took many photos of Monroe from 1951 onwards. An exhibition of her previously unseen photos of Monroe was displayed at the Halcyon Gallery in London in May 2005. Monroe trusted Arnold more than any other photographer.[citation needed]

Not only did Arnold photograph VIPs such as Queen Elizabeth II, Malcolm X, and Joan Crawford, she traveled extensively around the world, photographing in China, Russia, South Africa and Afghanistan.[citation needed]

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