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Rineke Dijkstra


PhotoUtopia Intro: In essence Dijkstra takes photography back to one of its primary roles, that of showing us that which we normally do not see. A tradition going back to early photographs of exotic places and subjects, war photography or photographs from the unseen underworld of our societies. Dijkstra shows us adolescents, at a socially uncomfortable stage between childhood and adult hood, or bull fighters in the quiet when the theatre and showmanship has subsided; other subjects include clubbers and new mothers.


Rineke Dijkstra (born 1959), is a Dutch photographer.
Dijkstra concentrates on single portraits, and usually works in series, looking at groups such as adolescents, clubbers, and soldiers. Her subjects are often shown standing, facing the camera, against a minimal background. This compositional style is perhaps most notable in her well-known beach portraits, which generally feature one or more adolescents against a seascape. This style is again seen in her work on pregnant women.

One of her works entitled, Daniel, Adi, Shira, and Keren, Rishonim High School, Herzliya, Israel (1999/2000) consists of two photograghs taken 20 months apart. It evokes questions about the youths' futures and whether they were, are, or will be in uniform.

Her works are held in numerous museum collections, including the Tate and the Museum of Modern Art.

Other site: http://www.artnet.com/artist/5260/rineke-dijkstra.html
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