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Bill Henson


PhotoUtopia Intro: Dealing with ideas of boundaries, of the crossing over from day into night, and from childhood into adulthood, Henson’s work has an ethereal feel, the images, which are manipulated in the darkroom and not digitally, seem to tell of a hidden twilight world. Once again this is photography affording us a glimpse at a world we know exists but normally do not see. Henson takes visual cues from paintings, which is easy to see in his work.

Wikipedia*Bill Henson (born 1955), is an Australian contemporary art photographer.
Henson's photographs reflect an interest in ambiguity and transition. The use of chiaroscuro is common throughout his works. His photographs are painterly and often presented as diptychs, triptychs and other groupings.

Henson's works often meditate on the categories of and relationships between male and female; youth and adulthood; day and night; light and dark; nature and civilisation. His images often use flattened perspective and tend towards abstraction. The faces of the subjects are often blurred or partly shadowed and do not directly face the viewer.

According to Crawford, Henson presents "adolescents in their states of despair, intoxication and immature ribaldry". He has said that these "moments of transition and metamorphosis are important in everyone's lives"

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