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PhotoUtopia Intro: Robert Mapplethorpe’s work is exquisitely beautiful, to fully understand both the artist and his work, you need to open your mind to finding beauty in all of his images. Taken in the context of the time his work was honest beyond that of any other artist I know. He used art in one of its most fundamental roles, that of allowing us to see ourselves and our society, are loves and our prejudices, such work helps us grow as a people. Like so much art, to understand its true beauty you need to see the original large scale prints, with all of their subtlety and refinement. See also Imogene Cunningham

Wikipedia*Robert Mapplethorpe (November 4, 1946 – March 9, 1989), was an American photographer, known for his large-scale, highly stylized black and white portraits, photos of flowers and nude men. The frank, homosexual eroticism of some of the work of his middle period triggered a more general controversy about the public funding of artworks. Mapplethorpe worked primarily in the studio, particularly towards the end of his career. Common subjects include flowers, especially orchids and calla lilies; celebrities, including Andy Warhol, Deborah Harry, Richard Gere, Peter Gabriel, Grace Jones, and Patti Smith (a Patti Smith portrait from 1986 recalls Albrecht Dürer's 1500 self-portrait); homoerotic and classical nudes. Mapplethorpe's X Portfolio series sparked national attention in the early 1990s when it was included in The Perfect Moment, a traveling exhibition funded by National Endowment for the Arts. The portfolio includes some of Mapplethorpe's most explicit imagery, including a self-portrait with a bullwhip inserted in his anus. Though his work had been regularly displayed in publicly funded exhibitions, conservative and religious organizations, such as the American Family Association seized on this exhibition to vocally oppose government support for what they called "nothing more than the sensational presentation of potentially obscene material."[9] As a result, Mapplethorpe became something of a cause célèbre for both sides of the American Culture war.

Warning, some people may find some of Mapplethorpe’s work shocking. To just see his flower work click on this link: http://www.mapplethorpe.org/portfolios/flowers/

Official Site: http://www.mapplethorpe.org/
Other site: http://www.guggenheimcollection.org/site/artist_bio_97A.html
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