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Erwin Wurm


PhotoUtopia Intro: In his One Minute Sculptures, Erwin Wurm has created a performance art form specifically for the medium of photography. More complex and involved than they may at first appear, there is a subtly and gentle humour in the way he creates his work. Be careful if you take influence from Wurm, as none that I have seen has managed to captured anything as engaging or thought provoking as the originator of this concept.

Wikipedia*Erwin Wurm (born 1954), is an Austrian artist born in Bruck an der Mur / Styria. He currently lives and works in Vienna and Limburg, Austria.

Since the late 1980s he has developed an ongoing series of "One Minute Sculptures," in which he poses himself or his models in unexpected relationships with everyday objects close at hand, prompting the viewer to question the very definition of sculpture. He seeks to use the "shortest path" in creating a sculpture—a clear and fast, sometimes humorous, form of expression. As the sculptures are fleeting and meant to be spontaneous and temporary, the images are only captured in photos or on film.

Official Site: http://www.erwinwurm.at/
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Red Hot Chili Peppers, Can’t Stop, video inspired by the ‘One Minute Sculptures of Erwin Wurm’.

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