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Reading List

Photography reading list for photo students at GCES, A Level - GCE, Foundation Art and Degree level
A reading list might not exactly sound exciting, but it can help you both
creatively and also to stand out from the crowd as someone serious
about photography.

These books form the core of the reading lists at some of the UK’s top photographic
institutions, if you are looking to impress at interview, then reading a few chapters
from the books at the level you are looking to enter is a good starting point.

School - Reading List for GCSE Photography Students

The photo book
John Easter: 150 Photographic Projects for Art Students

Ian Jeffrey: The Photography Book

College - Reading List for A level Photography Students

art photography now
Susan Bright: Art Photography Now

John Berger: Ways of Seeing

Susan Sontag: On Photography

Jackie Higgins: Why it does not have to be in Focus

Foundation diploma - Reading List for BTEC Art Foundation / Photography Students

photography reader
Roland Barthes: Camera Lucida

Liz Wells: Photography, The Photography Reader

Jessica Evans: Camerawork Essays

Steve Edwards: Photography, A Very Short Introduction

Aaron Scharf: Art and Photography

First year University - Reading List for Photography Degree Students

photography a cultral history
Graham Clarke: The Photograph

Mary Warner Marien: Photography, A Cultural History

Liz Wells: A Critical Introduction

Roland Barthes: Mythologies

Victor Burgin: Thinking Photography

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